Two Late to the Party - Sunday 12:00 pm and 1:45 pm

Two Late to the Party

Two Late to the Party


  • Sunday, September 15th @ 12:00 pm
    Kaleido Yurt | 92 St & 118 Ave

  • Sunday, September 15th @ 1:45 pm
    Avenue Central Stage | 93 St & 118 Ave

Two Late to the Party are Adam Corkett and Alessandra Enns. This budding musical duo formed in the fall of 2017. Both Adam and Alessandra have a long singer/songwriter history, with influences ranging from indie-folk to bluegrass-country. As a pair, they have found a style that merges their past influences, creating an original sound that is simultaneously current and nostalgic.

Kaleido Family Arts Festival is a free festival, donations are gratefully accepted.