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Arts on the Ave is a Registered Charity 

Art has the ability to delight, inspire, heal, enlighten, and unite. With art, our communities are stronger. We strive to keep the Kaleido Family Arts Festival running as a free event because our hope is for everyone to have the opportunity to participate in the joys and benefits of artistic expression. However, creating a free arts festival is unheard of in today’s world. So, how do we do it? With an incredible arts community, excellent supporters, super volunteers, and generous friends. We thank our supporters, advertisers, partners, fellow community-builders, and artists for believing in the vision of Arts on the Ave and the Kaleido Family Arts Festival.

Fill a Heart and Give

Want to learn how you can help contribute to Kaleido?

From now until the end of the Kaleido Festival, you can drop by The Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse (9351 — 118 Ave NW), give, and fill a heart in support of the Kaleido Festival!

We can’t say this enough — our hearts are bursting with gratitude and appreciation for the continuous support and love for the festival!

— The Kaleido Family Arts Festival Team


Donate Online (one-time or monthly)

Now you can donate online (one-time or monthly) and receive a tax receipt for your much needed support. You can specify that you would like your donation to go directly to supporting the Kaleido Family Arts Festival by choosing it from the drop down menu. Fill out the donation form below and keep the magic going!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!