The Tsunami Brothers - Sunday 1 pm

The Tsunami Brothers

The Tsunami Brothers

Sunday, September 15th @ 1:00 pm
Avenue Central Stage | 93 St & 118 Ave

The Tsunami Brothers are Edmonton’s only authentic surf band. Surf? Huh? What? Remember Wipeout? We betcha’ you will, when we play it for you! Good family fun. Great groovin’ tunes, and we even have some vocal surf tunes. We’re not “The Beach Boys.” The Tsunami Brothers are the real “1960s” deal when it comes to surf. And boy oh boy, do we look snappy in our black suits, purple ties, genuine Ray Ban sunglasses and playing our “surf green” guitars. Not to mention our fun surf moves on stage! Groovy! In Gear! Fab! Cowabunga! There’s Mikey “Glue Stix” Tsunami. There’s Billy “Surfer Boy” Tsunami. There’s Kenny “Pretty Boy” Tsunami. There’s Johnny “Dreamboat” Tsunami. And, there’s The Tsunami Brothers’ very, very special surfin’ sister, Chantel (Wowie Zowie!) Tsunami.

Surf’s Up at Kaleido, 2019. Hope to see you! Wave at us!

Kaleido Family Arts Festival is a free festival, donations are gratefully accepted.