CanPlay Arts Collective Presents "The Festivus King" and "The Wandering Minstrel"

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Saturday, September 14th @ 2:15 pm
Family Fun Zone | 9210 - 118 Ave (Behind “The Hall”)

The Wandering Minstrel 

This character roams around, serenading passersby with improvised lyrics that directly relate to whatever they may be doing at the time. These songs always have rhyming lines and have the musical accompaniment of a live played merlin. Wherever the minstrel goes, he always leaves smiles and giggles in his wake.

The Festivus King

An attempt at making a more commanding, yet still fun presence, this roving character has two long red carpets that his holy feet are unable to leave. Using his royal prestige, The Festivus King (kindly) commands anyone near him to take a carpet from behind him and place it in front of him so that he may cross the festival grounds.

It is common for folks to decide to help, hinder or purely protest against the monarchy. Any and all forms of interaction are welcomed!

Kaleido Family Arts Festival is a free festival, donations are gratefully accepted.