Sangea Academy Brings the Rhythm to Kaleido Fest All Weekend Long




  • Friday, September 13th @ 7:45 pm
    Avenue Central Stage | 93 St & 118 Ave

  • Friday, September 13th @ 9:30 pm
    Aurora Lantern Parade | Starts at The Carrot (9351 - 118 Ave)

  • Saturday, September 14th @ 2:00 pm
    Kaleido Yurt | 92 St & 118 Ave

  • Saturday, September 14th @ 4:30 pm
    Avenue Central Stage | 93 St & 118 Ave

  • Sunday, September 15th @ 5:00 pm
    Street Performance | Location TBA

Sangea is a common name given to a girl in Liberia which means "female leader." The objective of this group is to share and preserve the African culture through music and arts.

The group performs West African traditional music and dance that dates back hundreds of years. Its members come from both the Latin and African community. There is a unique harmony when the two cultures come together because of their similarities. Like the Latin culture, African culture has rhythm in every movement, from the way people walk, speak, and even work.

Kaleido Family Arts Festival is a free festival, donations are gratefully accepted.