Mitch Belot Band - Sunday 2 pm & 4 pm

Mitch Belot Band

Mitch Belot Band


  • Sunday, September 15th @ 2:00 pm
    Kaleido Yurt | 92 St & 118 Ave

  • Sunday, September 15th @ 4:00 pm
    Avenue Central Stage | 93 St & 118 Ave

Mitch Belot entertains with his swampy story telling style and modern rock flare. He hooks audiences with his powerful, smoky voice, and gets them on their feet by incorporating fast tempos and heavy grooves. While he is first and foremost a humble student of the blues, Mitch adds a taste of rock to the naturally ear pleasing sound that permeates his repertoire.

Kaleido Family Arts Festival is a free festival, donations are gratefully accepted.