Lara Tang

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Sunday, September 16 @ 4:00 pm
The Hill

Lara Tang is a singer songwriter based in Edmonton, AB. She has been featured on albums such as 'Where To Now' and various singles by contemporary artist Vaughan Hoy, 'The Therapy Sessions' by local hip hop artist J-Reds, and ‘Feminism’ by Sleeping In Traffic. Now after years of singing on albums, in rock bands and choirs, she is stepping out of her boundaries into the electro-pop world with an EP called The Experience Collection, released in November 2017. With influences like Paramore, LIGHTS, The Veronicas and many more, she has carefully crafted her music with raw lyrics that speak of taboo subjects such as anxiety and depression in hopes of shedding light.

Lara Tang est une auteure-compositrice-interprète d’Edmonton. Elle a fait des apparitions sur diverses chansons de l’artiste contemporain Vaughan Hoy, de même que “The Therapy Sessions” de l’artiste hip-hop J-Reds ainsi que “Feminism” par Sleeping In Traffic. Après plusieurs années à collaborer sur divers albums, à chanter dans des groupes rock et des chorales, Lara sort de sa zone de confort et plonge tête première dans le monde de l’électro-pop avec un EP intitulé “The Experience Collection” paru en novembre dernier.