The Confusionaires


Sunday, September 16 @ 3:00 pm
Avenue Central Stage

The Confusionaires are a high-energy rockabilly trio fronted by one of the finest rockabilly guitar players in Edmonton, AB… and backed by one of the best rhythm sections in Northern Alberta.

Fat Dave Johnston’s distinctive guitar sound coupled with his keen gift for songwriting is ultimately what attracted the bass monster Jayson Aschenmeier, and it was Fat Dave’s penchant for musical chaos is what first attracted drumming phenom Adam Stark to complete the trio in early 2017.

Since that time, The Confusionaires have played a myriad of very well received performances with some of the region’s top names in traditional rock & roll, and have put forth their pride enjoy: The debut full-length album “Now it’s time to ‘Make A Little Mess’ with… Confusionaires!” – a title which nods to one of their first of many original compositions.

Armed with their new album and a fist-full of crowd-pleasing cover songs, The Confusionaires are ready to ‘Make A Little Mess‘ with you wherever you may be!

The Confusionaires est un trio énergique rockabilly fondé par l’un des meilleurs guitaristes rockabilly d’Edmonton et soutenu par l’une des meilleures sections rythmiques du nord de l’Alberta.  Le son unique de la guitare de Fat Dave Johnston mêlé à son talent inné pour l’écriture est ce qui a ultimement attiré le bassiste Jayson Aschenmeier, et c’est le penchant pour le chaos musical qui a attiré le batteur Adam Stark pour compléter le trio au début 2017. Depuis, The Confusionaires a joué une multitude de concerts avec certains des plus grands noms du rock & roll traditionnel de la région, recevant un accueil chaleureux lors de chaque performance. Avec un premier album en poche et une poignée de reprises qui sauront ravir la foule à coup sûr, The Confusionaires est prêt à enchanter son public.