Edmonton Csárdás Hungarian Folkdance Ensemble

Saturday, September 15 @ 1:30 pm
Avenue Central Stage

Edmonton’s Csárdás Hungarian Folk-dance Ensemble has provided performance and training in Hungarian folk-dance and related art forms since 1975. Csárdás operates within the Canadian Hungarian Cultural Society of Edmonton.Our group’s twin goals are promotion and preservation of these fascinating dances, alongside the traditional clothing, crafts, customs, and celebrations that form part of our diverse Hungarian cultural heritage.

Csárdás welcomes youth and adult dancers who are interested in exploring this remarkably rich dance material. Children and youth from ages 4 to 17 are introduced to regional styles of Hungarian folk dance, as well as learning that singing and dancing go hand-in-hand among Hungarians! Adults receive in-depth instruction to expand their knowledge of the myriad distinct Hungarian dance dialects, as well as training in improvisational folk-dance: the latter is an intrinsic aspect of Hungarian folk-dance. Csárdás  performs an average of 25 times per year – at events from weddings to conferences, and festivals to theater programs – across Alberta and western Canada.


L’Ensemble de danse folklorique hongroise Csárdás offre à la population d’Edmonton des performances et des formations en danse folklorique hongroise et tout autre art connexe depuis 1975.  Csárdás accueille les danseurs de tous âges qui désirent explorer ce style de danse remarquablement riche. Les enfants de 4 à 17 ans sont initiés aux styles régionaux de danse folklorique hongroise et apprennent à danser main dans la main avec des membres de la communauté hongroise. Les adultes reçoivent plus d’information sur les différences entre les styles et dialectes des diverses danses hongroises ainsi que des leçons d’improvisation en danse folklorique, l’improvisation étant une partie intrinsèque de la danse folklorique hongroise.