Artisans – Craft and Prepared Food

Interested in selling your arts, crafts, prepared food, or maker wares? Get your spot at Kaleido's artisan village!

Join us for the weekend and sell your wares. We're looking for artisan and prepared food vendors to participate for the festival weekend (Friday night – Sunday afternoon). We are excited for the Kaleido Grand Market on Friday night. We're kicking off the festival with our night market featuring food, artisans, street performers, musicians and a lantern parade! 

New to Kaleido this year! We embrace the Homesteading Movement in our city! Reduce your impact, and invest in creative ways of making homemade products. Mediums may include but are not limited to: Soap making, Candle making, Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Felting, Weaving, Textile arts, Cobbling, and Leatherwork.

Artisans run their table, selling their wares. Mediums may include but are not limited to: Oil Painting, Acrylic Paintings, Watercolours, Mixed Media, Digital Arts, Sculptures, Drawings, Handmade Skin and Beauty Products (Gov. Approved), Caricatures and Portrait Drawings, Fibre Arts, Photography, Pottery, Silversmith, Jewelry, Textiles, Glass, Printmaking, Up-Cycled Vintage and Hand-made Clothing. Prepared food vendors will be accepted as long as items are produced in a commercial facility and adhere to all AHS guidelines. (Please see AHS guidelines below.)


The Artisan Village is open:

  • Friday 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm 
  • Saturday Noon to 9:00 pm
  • Sunday Noon to 6:00 pm

Additional details and rules & regulations.

Alberta Health Services - Food Vendor Package.

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