The who, the what, the why (and the how).

THE WHO: Kaleido Family Arts Festival is produced by Arts on the Ave and is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. At its core, Arts on the Ave believes in cultivating artistic fellowship through arts celebrations, signature art festivals, and traditions. One of the main goals of Arts on the Ave is to nurture creative environments and create opportunities for everyone to experience the joy of artistic expression. Arts on the Ave is composed of visual and performance artists, literary and film artists, photographers, and musicians who collaborate and create in the 118 Avenue district between NAIT and Northlands. 

The signature projects of Arts on the Ave are; Kaleido Family Arts Festival, Deep Freeze: A Winter Byzantine Festival, The Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse, and various Social Art Experiences.

THE WHAT: Kaleido is held on historic Alberta Avenue (118 Ave between 90-95 Street). For two and a half days every September, Alberta Avenue comes alive as an environment of creative exploration and performances on rooftops, sides of buildings, back alleys, parks, old spaces and new spaces. You have to see it to believe it! 

Our arms are open wide embracing Edmonton, while we continue to share arts in the Alberta Avenue District with a radically open festival that highlights our city’s culture and provides its people with the reclamation of their streets. We are a transformative arts festival where the audience becomes the artist, while using our environment in unique and crazy ways. We are builders and visionaries. We treasure our historic neighbourhood. Through wonderful dialogue between artists, schools, businesses, and neighbours, an artistic occupation of the city is brought to life. 

THE WHY: Arts and culture matters. Community matters. As one of Arts on the Ave's signature festivals, Kaleido brings people together. Artists, businesses, patrons, friends and neighbours gather and experience the bliss / humour / comfort / and delight of artistic expression through music, dance, theatre, film and visual arts. 

THE HOW: Arts on the Ave is a registered charity. Now you can donate online (one time or monthly) and receive a tax receipt for your amazing support. Head on over to the give page and specify that you would like your donation to go directly to supporting Kaleido Family Arts Festival by choosing it from the drop down menu. Tax receipts can be issued. Thank you for your generosity!