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12FOOT12 Installation Challenge

Friday & Saturday

Cheer on artists and designers as they create an installation within a 12x12x12 foot space in just 24 hours. There’s no telling what 3D street art will emerge! Vote for your favourite through text!

Sponsored by: Habitat for Humanity Restore

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Let Your Soul Doodle

Saturday & Sunday

There is nothing as freeing as a blank canvas and a palette of finger paints! This is your chance to let your soul have a little doodle.

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Make Someone’s Day: Give a Compliment

Saturday & Sunday

Give and receive a compliment to a new or old friend. This is your chance to set your heart free and let it all out. Call it a compliment confessional!

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Who Let the Tires Out?

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

What happens when a cage of recycle-destined tires collides with Kaleido Festival? Walk around the festival site and discover for yourself!

Sponsored by: Downtown Auto

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Recycled Assemblage


Please join us in adding to a collaborative sculpture in progress. Students at Highlands Junior High School have been working on a piece inspired by famous artist Louise Nevelson. This lively sculpture is being made using found and recycled items. From trash to treasure, let’s all join together to create extraordinary results!