Image by Anna Earl on Unsplash

Image by Anna Earl on Unsplash


Saturday, September 14th | Noon - 8:00 pm

This year at Kaleido, hearts are bursting with creativity as hands are filled with new art supplies.

Visit the ART SUPPLY SWAP TENT to trade your unused art supplies for new (or new-to-you) supplies. One artist's unused canvas is another artist's masterpiece waiting to emerge!

All trade-ins must be in good, usable condition (ie. no expired paints). Some examples include brushes, acrylic or oil paints/mediums, watercolours, drawing supplies, art paper/sketchbooks, canvasses/panels, frames, sculpting supplies, printmaking ink/rollers, collage ephemera.

Everyone is welcome to stop by the tent to swap or donate items any time between NOON - 8pm on Saturday Sept 14th. One day only!

Brought to you by Bleeding Heart Art Space. Bleeding Heart has been loving artists and building creative community on Alberta Avenue since 2012.

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12FOOT12 Installation Challenge

Friday & Saturday

Cheer on artists and designers as they create an installation within a 12x12x12 foot space in just 24 hours. There’s no telling what 3D street art will emerge!

Sponsored by: Habitat for Humanity Restore

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Let Your Soul Doodle

Saturday & Sunday

There is nothing as freeing as a blank canvas and a palette of finger paints! This is your chance to let your soul have a little doodle.

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Make Someone’s Day: Give a Compliment

Saturday & Sunday

Give and receive a compliment to a new or old friend. This is your chance to set your heart free and let it all out. Call it a compliment confessional!

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Who Let the Tires Out?

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

What happens when a cage of recycle-destined tires collides with Kaleido Festival? Walk around the festival site and discover for yourself!

Sponsored by: Downtown Auto


Snap Your Joy

Saturday & Sunday

Make your smile contagious this weekend as you and your loved ones smile in front of this unusual photo booth. Supported by The Edmonton Shutterbugs and the Nipp family.

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Unity Project - Fibre Art Installation

UNITY is a circular arrangement of 32 poles. Each pole is labeled with an identifier. Participants tie yarn to each pole with which they identify, and as more people participate, a canopy of interconnectedness forms. In the end, we see that we are all connected by something.

A big thank you to ATB for sponsoring this project and helping the community grow closer.