Festival greetings

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ricardo miranda

Minister of Culture and Tourism, Province of Alberta

As the minister responsible for arts and culture in Alberta, it is my pleasure to welcome everyone to the 13th annual Kaleido Family Arts Festival. 

For the past 13 years, the Kaleido Family Arts Festival has been the focal point for arts, culture and the celebration of community in the Alberta Avenue Arts District. The festival is a perfect example of the arts power to transform the world around us, turning an Edmonton street into a wonderland of creativity, diversity and education. It is an excellent opportunity to be engaged in a unique artistic experience, enjoy the amazing talent of Alberta's arts community, and be part of one of Edmonton's largest block parties.

Thank you to all the volunteers, Arts on the Ave Edmonton Society, performers, participants, and the sponsors for your continued support and contributions to the Kaleido Family Arts Festival.   

Best wishes to all for an enjoyable festival!

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Don Iveson

Mayor, City of Edmonton

On behalf of City Council and the people of Edmonton, Alberta’s Capital City, welcome to the Kaleido Family Arts Festival. 

Edmonton is a city renowned for fun-filled and lively festivals that pack our streets and parks each year. We’re also fortunate to be home to a thriving arts and cultural community. When this artistic community comes together to collaborate and create a celebration of creative performances and works, great things happen. 

For two and a half days every September, the historic neighbourhood around Alberta Avenue comes alive with colour and light as the Kaleido Family Arts Festival takes shape. The Avenue transforms into a hive of activity as the rich sounds of jazz and hip hop mingle with the works of inspired visual artists and captivated audiences look on. 

My thanks to the organizers, volunteers, sponsors and artists who bring this vibrant and dynamic festival to life every year. Your creativity and enthusiasm encourage Edmontonians and visitors to experience and appreciate art in wonderful new ways. 

Enjoy the festival! 

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Brian mason

Member of Legislative Assembly, Edmonton Highlands-Norwood

On behalf of Premier Rachel Notley and the Government of Alberta, welcome to the Kaleido Family Arts Festival.

Since 2006, Kaleido Fest has provided an environment where artists can showcase their talents and freely display their imagination and passion. Their creativity is showcased in streets and alleys, on balconies and porches, on the sides and rooftops of buildings, in parks and other spaces throughout the Alberta Avenue community, and they welcome everyone to join them and participate in their works and performances.

This Festival truly transforms Alberta Avenue, not only for the three days it runs, but also long afterwards, in the new creations it leaves and also in the hearts and minds of everyone who experiences it.

I invite residents and visitors alike to experience this truly amazing festival, and to support the Alberta Avenue Arts District, the Arts on the Ave organization, and the hundreds of talented artists showcasing their work here.

My special thanks go out to the organizers, volunteers, artists and others who help to put on this festival, and to change this corner of the world for the better when they do.

Thank you! Happy Kaleido!