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VISIT OUR 5 galleries:

  1. Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts
    (9225 – 118 Ave)

  2. The Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse
    (9351 – 118 Ave)

  3. Bleeding Heart Arts Space
    (9140 – 118 Ave)

  4. Alberta Ave Community League
    (9210 – 118 Ave)

  5. Eastglen & Highlands School Art Exhibit
    (9138 – 118 Ave)

Kaleido Festival Gallery: Exhibition & Sale

Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts (9225 – 118 Ave)

HOURS Friday: 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm | Saturday: Noon to 8:00 pm | Sunday: Noon to 6:00 pm

Welcome to the 13th annual Kaleido Festival Gallery exhibition at the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts. All the artwork on display is available for purchase with a portion of the sale going to support the Kaleido Family Arts Festival. This exhibition showcases a variety of artwork from emerging to established artists. We hope you enjoy this juried exhibition.

Here are some engaging ideas and activities you can try while you are looking at the artwork, especially if you have children:

  • Start by not reading the artwork’s label: look at the work first; see if you can imagine what the work is about.

  • You Name the Artwork: What would you call the piece? Re-name one or two of your favourite artworks. Discuss the reasons for the new title.

  • Tell Stories: Make up a story about one of the paintings or sculptures. Ask questions.

  • Play I Spy: Choose an object/colour/shape/texture in an artwork and have friends and family members take turns guessing which artwork it is. If it is an object/shape/texture you will need to describe it first – but don’t give too much away!

  • Seek and Find: Pick your favourite colours, shapes, textures or objects and see how many you can find in the artwork. This games helps the viewer to look more closely at the art.

  • Change where you stand: Change how you view a piece of art by moving really close (but remember, no touching) then move really far back. Talk about the differences.

Festival Gallery Artists

  • Mireille Peloquin, enacaustic

  • Gail A. Rydman, mixed media

  • Maria Sieben, acrylic painting

  • Bobby Smale, cigar box ukulele

  • Angie Sotiropoulos, mixed media

  • Ritchie Velthuis, sculpture

  • Ekaterina Vopiyashina, etching

  • Natasa Vretenar, acrylic painting

  • Julie Zettl, pencil

  • Jorge Arango, mixed media

  • Mireille Cloutier, mixed media

  • Julie Drew, watercolour

  • Aryn Effert, acrylic painting, photography

  • Sabina Hahnel, oil painting

  • Michelle Leavitt-Djonlic, watercolour

  • Kiona Ligtvoet, silkscreen, acrylic painting

  • Tong Liu, oil painting